Manatus México

Manatus México

We generate our own conservation projects and we offer consulting services in environmental conservation to promote sustainable and solidary tourism strengthening community engagement and outreach.
Manatus México develops community conservation projects with the community and applies a circular approach, reinvesting our benefits for environmental and social projects. We have acquired a long term commitment with the environment, for that reason the Conservation project takes life, transforms itself and constantly changes as Manatus Mexico grows as a company.

Our projects involve:

  • · Environmental conservation and sustainable development
  • · Social engagement
  • · Promotion and support for community networks
  • · Sustainable tourism

We know that change is not feasible if we act on our own, for that reason we want to partner up with organisations and associations that share our values to create strategic alliances. The WTO (World Tourism Organization) defines sustainable tourism as: “Tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment and host communities”. Manatus México works continuously to honor that definition, during our trips and outings, our classes and courses, our work and the recommendations we make to our visitors, divers and others.

Our field of work
· Analysis of the impacts from human use in Marine Protected Areas and synthesis of key management tools: Diving regulations and good practice codes / Common Policies on concessions / Biomass spill-over effect in MPAs / Mooring buoys system and zoning in MPAs.
· Scientific marine survey and data analysis campaigns. Biological monitoring of the Mesoamerican Reef.
· Invasive species control involving local communities (fishermen and artisans).
· Organization and facilitation of workshops involving multiple stakeholders such as academics, local fishermen and tourism.