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Manatus México

Manatus México

Snorkeling and diving instructors, classified as “nature guides”, accompany tourists from all over the world every day. While every company stands out from the others with their services or products, or even their logistics, it´s the companies that invest the most in their employees the ones which make a difference.
Beach tourism is popular in the Mayan Riviera but there is much more than sunny beaches. A guide which knows what to show to its visitors and how to handle a group will provide a much more pleasant experience for tourists and travellers.

How will my company benefit from training in the areas of marine biology and ecology or conservation?

Your company will be recognised for its commitment to the environment, therefore with society.
You will give an added value to a highly popular service. Snorkeling and diving tours are conducted by the thousands without a differentiation factor. If your guides know the names of plants and animals and they sustain it with a scientific/traditional base you are increasing the total value of your service, you will stand out from your competitors.
Your guides will sustain sufficient information and training to be able to discuss various interests around the experience of diving with your clients. The guide will be recognised as someone knowledgable, he/she will be recommended and therefore your company, this will lead to better income, tips, more people will choose you because the experience you are creating will mark the holidays of your clients.
Your company will become a factor of change while promoting conservation, sustainable and ecologic tourism .

Manatus México also conducts diving and snorkeling activities for companies outside of the tourism industry. These activities are ideal for team building, departmental celebrations or kick-offs, fam trips and company outings.