Frequently Asked Questions

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1- Who can dive?

Kids 8 and 9 years old can take the Bubblemaker program, this is conducted in a pool or shallow area of the sea. Every person over 10 can get certified. Certified divers over 12 years old can get the Advanced Open Water Certification. To conduct any diving, you need to check this medical questionnaire (download). If you answer yes to any question, you must see a doctor and get checked.

2- Where is Manatus México located?

Our school and office is located in Puerto Morelos, Calle Trasatlántico MZ41 Lote 3A SM18, Villas Morelos, Puerto Morelos, C.P. 77580.

3- How long are the dive trips?

Our dive trips include 2 dives and normally last around 4 hours, however this depends on weather conditions and other factors as other boats visiting the same dive sites. We try to keep our trips efficient and to run our operation smoothly to provide you with an experience that exceeds your expectations.

4- Is there food during the dive trips?

We provide purified water (in clean reusable containers) and a snack. During the surface interval we provide a healthy snack. We encourage you to avoid single use plastic.

5- Can non-divers join the dive trip?

We do not advise accompanying persons on board of dive trips due to the heat and the movement of the boat which can be extenuating. However, we invite your family and friends to enjoy the beach during your dive trip, we are happy to make nice recommendations.

6- What do I need to bring the day of the dive or diving course?

  • · bathing suit
  • · towel
  • · flip flops
  • · change of clothes
  • · biodegradable sunscreen (if you do not have it we will provide it for you to avoid the use of creams that harm our environment)

7- Does the Open Water Diver course ensures certification?

All PADI diving courses are performance based and establish standards for skills and abilities. Our commitment is to give you all the tools and practice needed for you to succeed your certification and to make you a good diver in every sense of the word. When you enrol in a PADI course we dedicate to you all our time, experience and methodology to acquire the abilities successfully but the ultimate result is up to the student, that’s why the certification ultimately depends on the diver.

8- What happens if I do not succeed the exams?

We will make sure of strengthening the areas where a little more work is needed so that you can obtain your certification. The exams and tests can be repeated for the student to match the standard within a reasonable amount of time. If the student is unable of completing the course we will provide you with a document of worldwide validity (expiring in 1 year) stating all skills and exams that you completed successfully, like this you will be able to try again when you have perfected the skills that are missing.

9- May I dive and then fly?

Yes! PADI recommends waiting 12 hours before one immersion before taking a flight and 18 hours before consecutive or deep dives. The Divers Alert Network (DAN) recommends to wait 24 hours before taking any flight. We prefer to stay on the consecutive side and we will recommend you not to dive on the day of your flight. There are no restrictions for diving after your flight (so you can take a flight and dive afterwards the same day).

10- Cancellation policy.

You may cancel your reservation without fees (except online fees) anytime up to 10 days prior to your reservation. 9 days or less before your dive reservation the down payment will not be reimbursed. If you do not show up on the day of your dive or course the down payment will not be reimbursed. If you have a medical emergency that prevents you from diving please provide us with a medical certificate in order to reimburse your down payment.

11- I don’t have diving insurance

All divers must have diving insurance. If your insurance does not cover diving or you do not have any insurance we can help you purchase one for the length of your stay. All our vehicles, sea and land, have insurance for crew and passengers. If you are taking PADI courses with us you will be covered by our DAN instructor’s insurance. We are affiliated to the clinic “Medicina Hiperbárica Integral SSS” and our clients have preferential prices for medical services.

12- What are the boats like?

We work with cooperatives and local partners offering a quality service that fulfills criteria in environmental sustainability. We adapt our dives to the transport availability of each location and dive from boats that are used in recreational diving operations.

13- How deep can I go?

8 and 9 years old: 2m/7ft with Bubblemaker program 10 to 12 years old: 12m/40ft with Open Water Diver certification or dive initiation Discover Scuba 12 to 14 years old: 18m/60ft with Open Water Diver and 21m/70ft with Advanced Open Water certification 15 years and older: 18m/60ft with Open Water Diver and 30m/100ft with Advanced Open Water certification

14- What will I see during my dive?

During our immersions we see many colourful corals and sponges, different types of turtles, lobsters, tropical fish big and small, groupers, moray eels, snappers, sardines, sting rays, eagle rays, conchs, sharks, etc. During the winter season it is possible to encounter bull-sharks in the area of Playa del Carmen. We do not take place in feeding shows or attraction dives. We do not conduct a “shark-dive” because we prefer spontaneous contact with wildlife, we cannot guarantee what we will find during our dives.

15- Can I dive with Nitrox?

If you have a nitrox certification we will provide you with Nitrox 32 at no additional cost in Puerto Morelos. If you are interested in obtaining the Nitrox certification please let us know, we will plan it during your trip.

16- What are the diving conditions like?

Weather changes with the seasons but average water temperatures are 80 to 86 F, we enjoy excellent visibility that goes from 50ft to 100ft or even more! Currents are slight and moderate.

17- How can I make a reservation?

You may get in touch with us through email, you might reach out through social media or complete our contact form. We need 50usd per person as down payment to confirm your reservation for a dive trip and/or 20% of any scuba diving certification.